Nytt från Rice


Vi har fyllt på med favoriter och nya mönster till sommarens alla utflykter. Danska Rice är så fantastiska med sina härliga mönster. Gillar glädjen som de alltid förmedlar.
Så här skriver de på sin hemsida om sin nya kollektion:

What a special talent to have – if you are a person who knows how to put that little extra something into the ordinary – or to be able to see and enjoy the extra in the ordinary…

That is really what we dream of with our products. We want to be that little extra something that adds value to your everyday lives – we call it EVERYDAY MAGIC…

The items that make you smile… The colors that give you joy… The table setting that makes your heart skip a beat – even on a busy weekday.

We would like to contribute to your lives… From dusk till dawn… From baby until the end of your journey… We want to deliver happiness and colorful joy to anyone who has the ability to love the small moments and turn them into magic.